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Great Innovation Needs Impactful Storytelling

Equip your people with the skills they need to effectively communicate their breakthrough ideas.

Innovation requires momentum to reach more audiences, everywhere. The THRUST is in the story.

Stories break down communication barriers, so we can drive change and new growth.
They help other people remember and champion our work.
And they propel our best ideas forward, FASTER—accelerating the innovation cycle.
In other words, STORIES are memory making devices that significantly reduce the time it takes for us to be understood.

Like many leaders, your top innovators probably never got the memo that storytelling skills would be central to their success.

Yet they recognize that being able to align other people around their big ideas with ONE tool would be a game changer—for them, for your organization, and for the world.

It could help them change the future for the better.

They just have to learn how to tell better STORIES. 

And now they can. As Innovation Storytellers™.

Which is where Susan comes in.

Susan Lindner

Hi, I’m Susan Lindner, the CEO & Founder of Innovation Storytellers™

When I was working as a Field Epidemiologist in Thailand in the 1990s, witnessing multiple people dying from AIDS every single day, I didn’t know how to communicate how deadly the disease could be to those most at-risk.

I urgently needed to tell a story that resonated deeply with those most affected.

After learning what was most important to them, I was able to share a narrative that helped them envision a better future for themselves.

Here's what our clients have to say:

"Susan Lindner was part of the faculty in our senior leadership development training, and held dedicated working sessions with my global team. In all of these settings, Susan inspired our leadership team with the power and purpose of storytelling. Working with an expert like Susan can unlock your story’s potential, and is well worth the time."
Roland Rott
CEO & President at Ultrasound, GE Healthcare
"SEB has brought Susan back for two years based on our clients’ requests for her workshops. Her energy, content, and humor keep everyone laughing while they’re learning. Best of all, they leave with clear messages and a story that others can start spreading for them."
Frederik Josefsson
Head of Entrepreneurs and High Growth at SEB
"Susan has a charisma that lights up the room. She also has the networking power of about 5 people. The first words that come to mind are generous, kind, and connected. She's an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker. I loved her session on storytelling at the Innov8rs LA conference, and wish I could have invited more people to hear her perspective."
Olivia Wong
Senior Partner at Prototype Thinking Labs
"Susan Lindner is a valued partner to Innovation Norway. We turn to Susan to help our Norwegian startups with their sales messaging and PR strategies, and she never fails to deliver. Susan has the exceptional ability to help entrepreneurs refine their value proposition and succinctly articulate their strengths. I can't recommend her enough!"
Antonio Raposo
Sr. Advisor, US Market, at Innovation Norway

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