Hi, I’m Susan Lindner, the CEO & Founder of Innovation Storytellers™

Susan Lindner

Hi, I’m Susan Lindner, the CEO & Founder of Innovation Storytellers™

When I was working as a Field Epidemiologist in Thailand in the 1990s, witnessing multiple people dying from AIDS every single day, I didn’t know how to communicate how deadly the disease could be to those most at-risk.

I urgently needed to tell a story that resonated deeply with those most affected.

After learning what was most important to them, I was able to share a narrative that helped them envision a better future for themselves.

In that future, they were no longer the victims in the story, they were the heroes—with the power to make pivotal decisions and save lives.

I brought the storytelling skills I learned as an anthropologist out in the field back to the boardroom, helping leaders across industries and cultures to communicate more effectively. To create a positive impact on a wide scale. And to move humanity forward.

Today, I help transform innovators into storytelling leaders.

Through a practical and repeatable framework – and with humor and empathy – I show them how they can get intentional about the stories they share at every level to make their innovations easier to understand, easier to champion, and easier to bring to life. 

For me, there’s nothing more tragic than an innovation that doesn’t reach its finish line. Memorable stories are the key to building the momentum behind an idea so that it takes on a life of its own. 

I know I’m successful when other people start sharing my clients’ innovation stories all over an organization. When an idea goes viral, internally and in the market, great things happen.

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