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About The Innovation Storytellers Show With Susan Lindner

The Innovation Storytellers Show is a weekly podcast for innovation leaders, product managers, heads of CX, UX, and communications that takes the mystery out of how to communicate breakthrough ideas to the people who matter most.

Every week on the podcast, Susan interviews the top innovation leaders in the world – from companies including Amazon, Bloomberg, Cisco, Corning, and Tesla – and invites them to share the stories that moved their innovations past the finish line, around the world, and into peoples’ hearts.

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Liam Black, Author of How To Lead With Purpose: Lessons in life and work for the gloves-off mentor, talks about the urgency and scale of the challenges facing society and business.

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In the latest episode of the Innovation Storytellers Show, I take a deep dive into the renovation industry with Koda Wang, the co-founder of Block Renovation.

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With insights on using AI as a tool to advance your career and embrace innovation, Reza Rassool offers valuable advice for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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Join Dr. Judith Tumusiime, federal grants manager at the Cambridge Community Development Department, on the Innovation Storytellers Show, who shares her unique insights into revitalizing

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Ian Wright, the founder and CEO of the Disruptive Innovators Network shares why innovation is a skill that can be taught and developed. But he also discusses why it should be more valued compared to other investments like technology.

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On this week’s edition of Innovation Storytellers join us on our journey to re-imagine healthcare with Jennifer Lo, Senior Director of Design at IDEO.

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Join us on this week’s edition of Innovation Storytellers as we welcome Alex Goryachev, an award-winning global technology executive and author of Fearless Innovation.

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