Are your team or organization suffering from innovation fatigue?

I’m talking about the type of fatigue triggered by clichéd innovation speak that exasperates rather than excites because it doesn’t represent anything meaningful.

I often find that, when teams and organizations experience this type of fatigue, it’s because there’s no organized system to quantify innovation returns—so innovation becomes a buzzword with no proven value.

But organizations simply can’t thrive – or survive – if they don’t continue to generate enthusiasm around innovation initiatives.

Tech is iterating at a breakneck pace. New competition is emerging all the time. That means it’s vital for organizations to anticipate new growth opportunities, so they can stay on their leading edge.

My podcast guest Dan Toma, author of Innovation Accounting, shared many ways to prove the value of innovation while it’s in progress – including quantifying learnings from failures.

The stories you tell about why innovation is essential, it’s short- and long-term ROI, and all the learnings that go directly into iterative changes, make all the difference. They remind people why keeping an eye on the future will ultimately pay off.

Innovation thrives on meaning, so it’s up to you to tell stories that inspire novel thinking and reverse disenchantment.

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