How do you stay at the cutting edge of innovation as a 169 year old company? Marty Curran and Anis Fadul have been inventing and reinventing innovation at Corning for 30 years. One of their amazing stories lies in the motto that hangs in the Innovation Center at Corning, “Not In Our House.”

That means that Corning will not be disrupted by anyone other than their own innovation team.

In this episode, you’ll not only hear the stories behind how glass is fighting disease, empowering Tesla, and becoming a leader in sustainability, but also how innovations from 90 years ago are still yielding new fruit for Marty and his team, and all of us.

Guest Details:

Name: Martin J. Curran

Title: Executive Vice President & Innovation Officer

Company: Corning Incorporated

Bio: Marty Curran was appointed Corning’s first innovation officer in August 2012. In this role, Curran manages a portfolio of programs to increase the probability of success for new business opportunities. The innovation office was created to build an entrepreneurial-focused organization that could operate across all business segments to identify and develop near-term revenue opportunities. Over time, the expectation is to streamline the innovation process where appropriate and increase speed-to-market.

Curran joined Corning in 1984 and has held a variety of roles in finance, manufacturing, and marketing. He has served as senior vice president, general manager for Corning Cable Systems Hardware and Equipment Operations in the Americas of which he was responsible for operations in Hickory, North Carolina; Keller, Texas; Reynosa, Mexico; Shanghai, China; and the DominicanRepublic. Curran led efforts to grow Corning’s Connectivity business, including the first major fiber-to-the-home offering with Verizon FiOS.

He has also served as senior vice president and general manager for Corning Optical Fiber and has served as Chairman of US Conec, a Corning Connectivity joint venture with Fujikura and NTT-AT. Curran graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in finance and received his master’s degree from the University of Virginia’s Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business.

Name: Anis Fadul

Company: Corning Incorporated

Title: Director, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Emerging Innovations Group

Bio: Anis is responsible for the front-end of Corning’s Innovation process which includes opportunity identification, portfolio prioritization, business, and competitive intelligence, strategic planning, and marketing communications for Corning’s Emerging Innovations Group. In his 30+ years with Corning, he has held a variety of project management, new product development, and technology management positions within various divisions of Corning and managed Corning’s relationship with Samsung Corning Precision Materials in the CORSAM Technologies joint venture.