In today’s special double-header episode, I sit down with Carrie Chambliss, former VP of Innovation at Jacobs, and Valerie Van den Keybus, Managing Partner at Cosmos Collective, to explore the power of collaboration in driving innovation.

Carrie and Valerie share their experiences working together in a 14-week intensive program that combined design thinking, lean experimentation, and agile methodologies to uncover new growth opportunities. They discuss the importance of making assumptions, creating experiments, and iterating based on learnings—all while staying agile and adaptive.

Listen in as they delve into the significance of validating and invalidating ideas and how this can lead to expedited decision-making and better results. Learn how teamwork, storytelling, and a strong focus on customer feedback can shape the success of innovative projects. Take advantage of this engaging conversation about the ins and outs of corporate innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of new opportunities.

Name: Carrie Chambliss 
Title:  Former VP of Innovation
Company: Jacobs

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Carrie Chambliss was the VP of Innovation at Jacobs, where she managed Beyond If, Jacobs’s global innovation program designing the next wave of growth opportunities. She championed design thinking, lean experimentation, and agile methodologies across the business there. Previously, she was the Sr. Director of Innovation & Strategy at Thomson Reuters, where she led the deployment of an innovation program, including the development of methods, processes, tools, and metrics to be used across the business that foster idea generation, experimentation, and ultimately organic growth.

Name: Valerie Van den Keybus
Title:  Managing Partner – USA
Company: Cosmos Collective

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Valerie van den Keybus is the Managing Partner at Cosmos Collective in North America. The agency was founded on the belief that experimentation lies at the heart of every company’s ability to innovate and grow. They are masters of the process and apply their powerful approach to new business idea validation, growth, and transformation efforts. From Her corporate communications and change management background at General Electric to running an independent non-profit organization (BelCham) where she helped over 250 European startups with their US market entry strategies, Valerie is a powerful storyteller, innovator, and strategy designer for the ages.