Did you know that only 17% of all the electronics sold and used on the planet are currently being responsibly recycled when they come to their end of life? As a result, the fastest-growing part of the world’s waste stream is unwanted or unusable consumer electronics. But, electronic waste is not only an environmental hazard. It’s becoming a cyber security problem too. 

John Shegerian, co-founder and Chairman/CEO of ERI, joins me on the Innovation Storytellers podcast to share the scale of the problem. We also discuss the increasing problem with hardware hacking, why everyone needs to understand the importance of efficient data destruction, and how e-waste plays a pivotal role in the circular economy.

Guest Details: 

Name: John Shegerian
Title: Co-Founder, Chairman/CEO
Company:   ERI
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John Shegerian – the serial entrepreneur responsible for co-founding Homeboy Industries, FinancialAid.com, Engage and many other impactful organizations — currently serves as co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of ERI, the largest cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction and electronic waste recycling company in the United States.