Did you know your physical, mental, and social health and life expectancy are impacted by the design and operation of the buildings in which you live and work? Ultimately, your zip code affects your well-being more than your genetic code. Joanna Frank, President & CEO, Center for Active Design, and President & CEO, Active Design Advisors, joins me on the Innovations Storytellers podcast to share her insights on this fascinating topic.

I learn more about the Center for Active Design’s mission to transform design and development practice to support health, ensuring equitable access to vibrant public and private spaces that support optimal quality of life. We also discuss how CfAD operates the Fitwel healthy building certification system and applies its multi-disciplinary expertise to empower decision-makers, providing publications, original research, certification, technical assistance, and digital tools. 

Guest Details: 

Name: Joanna Frank
Title: President & CEO
Company:  Center for Active Design, CfAD
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Joanna Frank is the President & CEO of the Center for Active Design (CfAD), where she advances design and development practices to foster healthy and engaged communities. The Center for Active Design is the operator for Fitwel, a unique building certification that positively impacts occupant health and productivity through an integrated approach to workplace design and operations.

Fitwel’s development was led by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration (GSA). Prior to launching CfAD, Ms. Frank worked for the City of New York during the Bloomberg Administration, where her positions included Director of Active Design and Director of the NYC FRESH program.

Before working for the City, Ms. Frank was a Partner at Bright City Development, LLC where she was responsible for the development of mixed-use residential buildings using sustainable design criteria. Ms. Frank is a member of the Urban Land Institute’s Affordable/Workforce Housing Council and the National Council of State Housing Agencies’ Advisory Group on Financing Healthier Affordable Housing, as well as an active partner in ULI’s Building Healthy Places initiative.