In this compelling episode of Innovation Storytellers Show, we explore the world of HR and innovation with two extraordinary guests: Ira Wolfe, a pioneer in future-readiness, and Jason Cochran, the ‘Chief Connection Officer’ at Telos. Both are esteemed co-hosts of Geeks, Geezers, Googlization, an award-winning podcast exploring the future of work. In the face of rapid and relentless change, they encourage us to view the ‘Never Normal’ as an opportunity to evolve and thrive.

Our discussion revolves around how smart companies are redefining ‘work’ in a post-pandemic world. How do we tackle returning to the workforce, particularly for women? How do we address the reluctance to go back to office spaces? And in this era of AI, how do we reshape organizational structures to help humans perform at their highest potential?

Ira brings attention to the need for reimagining work and adjusting to an ever-changing ‘Never Normal’ world. He dissects hybrid work models, incremental changes, and the crucial need to reimagine our offices.

On the other hand, Jason explores the concept of loneliness at work, not as a state of being alone but as a lack of connection. He also brings to light an intriguing case where a company replaced all managers with coaches, catalyzing a discussion on meeting employees’ needs for nurturing, growth, and fulfillment.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights and ideas about the evolving world of work. So, join us as we traverse the reimagination of work and the significance of meaningful connections, wellness, and the future of work in this ‘Never Normal’ era.

Name: Jason Cochran 
Title: Chief Connection Officer for Telos & Co-host for GGG
Company: Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization

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Jason Cochran is an organizational psychologist, business consultant, tech co-founder, award-winning podcaster, and creator of the 4 Principles of Connection®️ for employee experience. Fascinated with the exploration of human potential and the reimagination of work, Jason has devoted his life to pursuits focused on creating healthier connections between people and work.  This work has contributed to him being recognized by Thinkers 360 as a Top 10 Thought Leader in the categories of HR, Culture, and the Future of Work.

He’s also co-host of Geeks Geezers Googlization – an award winning podcast on the future of work – with global HR thought leader Ira Wolfe. The show is in the top 1% globally in popularity according to Listen Notes, a Top 100 thought leader podcast according to Thinkers 360, and a Top 100 business management podcast according to Chartable. The show was also the 2022 recipient of the Most Forward Thinking Podcast award from People Forward Network.

Name: Ira Wolfe
Title: Innovation Director, Principal
Company: Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization

Linkedin Change: Insights into Self-Empowerment book

Ira S Wolfe, the “Millennial trapped in a Baby Boomer body,” is one of the top 5 global thought leaders on the future of work and HR. He is the president and Chief Googlization Officer of Poised for the Future Company, senior consultant with Dame Leadership, and host of the top-rated Geeks Geezers Googlization podcast. Ira is a TEDx Speaker and 2022 inductee into the HRSouthwest Conference Speaker Hall of Fame. He’s co-author of the soon-to-be released The Change: Insights into Self-Empowerment book, co-author of Create Great Culture in a Remote World, and author of Recruiting in the Age of Googlization, consistently nominated to best recruiting and HR book lists. He is a frequent contributor to Forbes and Medium and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, Fast Company, and dozens more.