In the latest episode of the Innovation Storytellers Show, I chat with  Tommy Knoll, the visionary Founder and Primary Leader behind Innov8rs CoLab. We explore the vital role of Innov8rs CoLab in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment for innovation leaders worldwide.

Have you ever felt the pangs of isolation in your pursuit of innovation? You’re not alone. Susan and Tommy delve into how the path to innovation, though often solitary, can be transformed through community and collaboration. Innov8rs CoLab stands as a beacon for innovation leaders, offering a global platform where challenges are shared, breakthroughs celebrated, and invaluable hacks exchanged to ease the journey of innovation.

With Tommy’s extensive background spanning over 25 years as an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, and business owner across multiple industries, this conversation is rich with insights and experiences. From the nuanced differences in innovation culture between Europe and the U.S. to the foundational elements that forge a thriving innovation culture within organizations, this episode is a deep dive into the dynamics of innovation in a global context.

Listeners will understand the importance of setting clear definitions, socializing them within the innovation function, and the crucial role of financing and human capital in fueling innovation teams. The discussion also touches upon the cultural aspects of innovation, emphasizing that culture is not merely an outcome but a derivative of meticulously crafted processes, beliefs, and systems.

Listen now to uncover the secrets to fostering an environment where innovation thrives beyond the confines of the boardroom and becomes a tangible reality in every aspect of organizational life. How are you championing innovation within your organization?

Name: Tommy Knoll
Title: Founder & Primary Leader
Company:  Innov8rs CoLab
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Thomas ‘Tommy’ Knoll is the founder and primary leader of Innov8rs CoLab. CoLab is a private, by invitation only working group of senior innovation leaders from Fortune 500 orgs. He’s been an entrepreneur, intrapreneur and business owner for more than 25 years with international experience across multiple industries including: corporate innovation management and consulting, technology, e-commerce, importing and distribution, and advanced manufacturing. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife and two children.