What happens when two banking powerhouses, Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade take on a $22 billion merger creating a behemoth online brokerage with more than $6 trillion in client assets and 28 million brokerage accounts? Innovation. Gina Mitchell and Michael Jareo had a front row seat at TD Ameritrade watching it all go down.

On this episode of Innovation Storytellers, you’ll learn from these innovators about the pieces that were put in place prior to the merger, the cutting edge innovations that made TD Ameritrade an attractive partner to Schwab, and the stories that are now being told to make these two companies – and their innovation departments – into one.

Since our recording, Gina has gone on to become the Head of Innovation Accelerator and Managing Director, Strategy & Partnerships at Charles Schwab.

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Guest Details:

Name: Gina Mitchell
Title: Director of Enterprise Innovation
Company: TD Ameritrade

Gina Mitchell is a creative problem-solver who has spent her career in the financial services industry building various programs and implementing the supporting frameworks. She has experienced the rewarding feeling of bringing together uniquely talented individuals to form successful, high-performing teams within a Fintech environment, most recently within innovation. Gina is most inspired when she sees how she’s impacted individuals’ lives through her leadership and mentorship. She truly believes my success is directly contributed to the people who have worked alongside her through uncertainty, bringing their best everyday to help build sustaining programs and deliver projects that drive companies forward into the future.

Name: Michael Jareo
Title: Enterprise Innovation & Agility Consultant
Company: TD Ameritrade

Michael Jareo is a strategic-minded problem-solver with a successful 15-year history in the financial services industry. Starting as a front line broker directly serving clients, he has grown in his influence and impact in change management and strategic leadership. As a Lean Leader and Champion and as an Innovation Consultant, Michael aligns those efforts with a larger strategic vision to build long-lasting and effective relationships. As a coach from young employees and interns to executives leading large organizations, Michael gets particularly energized when his clients begin to apply new concepts and approaches in a way that improves their work and leadership.