This week I explore a unique perspective on innovation through the lens of gender dynamics and intuition. Our guest, Fabienne Jacquet, a scientist, corporate innovator, author, and the founder of INNOVEVE®, brings a wealth of experience and a distinctive viewpoint on the subject.

Fabienne challenges conventional wisdom by emphasizing the importance of both masculine and feminine energies in the innovation process, transcending the traditional gender roles. She discusses the neuroscience behind these energies, explaining how different brain compositions, including the distribution of gray and white matter, contribute to diverse problem-solving approaches and ways of connecting the dots in complex situations. This concept extends beyond mere physiological differences to encompass a broader understanding of how we, as innovators, can harness these diverse energies for creative and effective problem-solving.

An intriguing part of the conversation revolves around the role of intuition in innovation. Fabienne advocates for the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the innovation process, arguing that this diversity is crucial for accumulating a wide range of information and ideas. She emphasizes the importance of being open to new cultures, experiences, and ways of thinking, as this openness is key to fostering a creative and innovative mindset. Additionally, Fabienne touches upon the often-overlooked necessity of allowing our brains time to rest, highlighting how our best ideas often emerge when we are not actively trying to force them.

A particularly fascinating aspect of the discussion is Fabienne’s exploration of how feminine energy, often characterized as chaotic and less predictable, plays a crucial role in the front end of the innovation process. This contrasts with the more structured and organized masculine energy that tends to dominate the latter stages of bringing a product to market. Fabienne’s approach is not just theoretical; she has applied these principles throughout her career in various fields, from academia to corporate innovation.

My conversation with Fabienne Jacquet is a journey through the intricacies of innovation and a call to embrace a more inclusive and holistic approach to creating and implementing new ideas. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the deeper layers of innovation and how integrating diverse energies and perspectives can lead to more meaningful and impactful outcomes.

Name: Fabienne Jacquet
Title: Founder & CEO
Company: INNOVEVE®

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Fabienne Jacquet is a scientist, turned marketer, turned founder, and now book author – so an innovator through and through – passionate about helping the world become a more joyful place with meaningful and sustainable solutions.

She is half-French, half-American, half-scientist and half-marketer… yes we know, too many halves, but as they say in French: “when you love, you don’t count!” From her PhD in organic chemistry to her marketing experience, innovation has been her love for more than 30 years: short-term, long-term, fundamental, external, open, strategic,… with a proven track record in Fortune 500 companies. Through her international journey, she has lived between Europe and the US, and traveled the world. In 2018 she settled in the US and created INNOVEVE®, a consultancy in innovation whose mission is to embrace feminine energy for ultimate innovation.

She wrote a book around the theme of innovation through the feminine lens: Venus Genius: the Female Prescription for Innovation, published in December 2020. She continues to innovate her mission focusing on youth education.