Most of our guests on the Innovation Storytellers podcast are so busy innovating they don’t stop to take a breath and tell us how they did it or share their observations after years and years in the field. However, in today’s episode, I am honored to sit down and learn some of the things Brian Ardinger has gleaned over years of doing his inspirational work.

In his new book, Accelerated: A Guide to Innovating at the Speed of Change, he reflects on the lessons learned innovating with working Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Nike, and Harley-Davidson and hundreds of interviews with founders, investors, plus leading innovators around the globe.

We talk about his new book, explore the changing landscape of disruption, and discuss how innovation can help develop builders, makers, and idea accelerators to adapt, grow, and harness untapped opportunities.

Guest Details: 

Name: Brian Ardinger
Title:  Founder

Plus: Director of Innovation, Nelnet.

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Brian Ardinger is Director of Innovation at Nelnet and the founder of, creators of the weekly podcast and newsletter by the same name, and The IO Summit—a conference and community for leading and emerging innovators. For over twenty-five years, Brian has helped top brands and explosive startups engage the latest tools, trends, and tactics to accelerate innovation and compete in a world of change and disruption.

Brian has also published articles for The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and other top industry publications and is a highly sought-after public speaker and frequently-quoted industry expert.