In this episode of the Innovation Storytellers Show, I welcome Natalie Turner, Founder & CEO of The Entheo Network and the brain behind The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation. Natalie offers a riveting exploration of how innovation can be an everyday practice, accessible to all, not just reserved for specialized teams. She discusses how the Six ‘I’s® model can serve as a compass, guiding us in integrating innovation into our daily work and strategic projects alike.

Natalie emphasizes the importance of ‘purpose-driven innovation.’ She challenges listeners to ponder the real impact of their innovative ideas, especially in our current times when not all innovation leads to positive outcomes. Her current work, focused on developing new care models for the elderly at risk of homelessness, serves as a testament to this approach, applying the Six ‘I’s® to identify opportunities and understand the needs of vulnerable populations.

Furthermore, Natalie draws an intriguing comparison between the innovation process and the classic tale of Oliver Twist, highlighting the crucial role of stakeholder engagement and collaboration. She stresses the importance of involving investors and decision-makers early in the innovation journey, likening it to building a collaborative ecosystem where every participant is a key contributor from the onset.

Tune in to this episode for an enlightening discussion with Natalie Turner. Discover how you can apply the Six ‘I’s® in your everyday work to foster innovation and how purpose-driven approaches can lead to more humane and effective solutions for critical social issues. This episode is a beacon for anyone seeking to understand and navigate the multifaceted landscape of innovation.

Name: Natalie Turner
Title: Founder & CEO

Company: The Entheo Network (Brand is The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation) 

LinkedIn  Website | The 6 ‘I’s®

Natalie Turner is an experienced innovation specialist, having spent over 25 years working as a corporate innovation director, a business consultant and an entrepreneur. She has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organizations, including Cisco Systems, GSK, LEO Pharma Asia, Edgewell, and the Singapore Government, helping them build innovation systems, culture and capabilities as well as generating new ideas to help them grow their teams and businesses.

As Founder of The Entheo Network, based out of Singapore, she has made her passion for purpose and people-driven innovation practical as well as inspirational to elevate people’s thinking on not only what they can create but how – the mind, skill sets and cultural environments – that make everyday innovation happen. She is an Award-winning author for her book Yes, You Can Innovate and a contributing author to Unleash Your Voice – Powerful Public Speaking for Everywoman.

Natalie is the inventor of The Six ‘I’s®, a Model that helps people measure their innovation strengths so that they can harness diversity and have a greater impact from new ideas. It also provides a clear journey map to help navigate uncertainty, develop new solutions and make them real.