Ocean Visions brings together leading oceanographic research and academic institutions, the private sector, and public-interest organizations to design and advance solutions to the growing crises in our ocean and climate. I invited Executive Director & Chief Innovation Officer,  Brad Ack, to join me on the podcast to learn more about Ocean Visions’ innovative conservation and sustainability initiatives.

In this episode, Brad shares the story behind how Ocean Visions came to be, and how the company now works to solve some of the world’s biggest problems through multiple disciplines and by engaging different perspectives.

We discuss how the pollution problem impacting our world requires enormous innovation and redesigning our entire economic system. But with many businesses promising to reach net-zero by 2030, the goal has been set. So, what will it take to get there? Listen in to learn more.

Guest Details: 

Name: Brad Ack
Title: Executive Director & Chief Innovation Officer
Company: Ocean Visions
LinkedIn Website Twitter | YouTube

Brad is an environmental innovator whose work has spanned from tropical forests and high deserts to extensive work throughout the global ocean. Brad has worked for government and NGOs, often in concert with innovation ecosystems, designing and implementing innovative conservation and sustainability initiatives. He now spends all his time working to reverse the interlocking ocean and climate crises.