In today’s episode, I invite you to join me on a captivating exploration of the fascinating intersection of AI, genomics, and pharmaceuticals. Our guest today is Dr. Isaac Bentwich, a physician-turned-entrepreneur who has revolutionized various domains, including medicine, genomics, and agriculture. 

Isaac shares insights from his journey in creating this startup, Quris, that operates in the innovative hubs of Boston and Tel Aviv. We dive into his previous endeavors, including founding Rosetta Genomics, where he led the discovery of hundreds of novel genes and developed pioneering cancer diagnostics.

In this wide-ranging discussion, we explore the power of AI in life sciences and how it can revolutionize drug development. Isaac shares a tantalizing vision of a future where drugs are not only safer and more personalized but are also developed in a fraction of the time, reducing the cost of drugs and overall healthcare.

Join us for this deep dive into the cutting-edge world of AI in genomics and medicine, where we grapple with how innovative technologies like AI are fundamentally reshaping our approach to health and life sciences.

Name: Dr. Isaac Bentwich
Title:  Founder & CEO 
Company: Quris-AI

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Dr. Isaac Bentwich is the Founder and CEO of Quris. Prior to Quris, Isaac founded and led three bio-AI technology companies, each of which led revolutions in medicine, genomics, agriculture and conservation. Isaac is a physician and entrepreneur with a passion for leading interdisciplinary teams of scientists and technologists to tackle impactful challenges in the intersection between machine-learning and life-sciences; and to leverage and commercialize the resulting solutions.

One of the companies that he founded was Rosetta Genomics (NASDAQ:ROSG), which analyzed the human genome. Isaac led the team at Rosetta Genomics in the discovery of hundreds of novel genes, more so than all the universities in the world combined, and delivered novel cancer diagnostics based on these genes. Its subsidiary, Rosetta Green (TASE:RSTG), was acquired by Monsanto for $35M. Under Isaac’s leadership, team members at Rosetta went on to lead artificial intelligence at IBM, Google and Microsoft. Now, at Quris, Isaac and his team are using a similar bio-AI approach to disrupt the drug development process.