HowGood is a SaaS data platform with the world’s largest database on food and personal care product sustainability. With more than 33,000 ingredients, chemicals and materials assessed, HowGood helps leading brands, retailers and restaurants improve their environmental and social impact.

Ethan Soloviev, Chief Innovation Officer at HowGood, joins me on the Innovation Storytellers Podcast in a conversation about how he became an innovator in regenerative agriculture. We talk about the massive consumer shift as shoppers increasingly demand more sustainable products along with transparency around the environmental and social impacts of products.

I also learned how regenerative agriculture is not just about sustainability and reducing carbon. It shouldn’t stop at net zero ether. By contrast, it should be about aiming to create more life than was there before. We discuss how by regenerating the soil, water, and biodiversity, the result is a more viable business. Ethan shares examples of how farmers who adopt these principles, thinking, and decision-making are becoming more profitable.

Guest Details:

Name: Ethan Soloviev
Title: Chief Innovation Officer
Company:  HowGood
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Ethan Soloviev is a farmer and Chief Innovation Officer at HowGood. His work with international retailers and CPG brands combines on-the-ground agricultural expertise in 34 countries with sustainability-driven market insights. Ethan has developed environmental and social metrics covering more than 3,000 brands and in-depth performance indicators for Walmart and Ahold-Delhaize. Ethan regularly presents on Regenerative Agriculture and Regenerative Business at conferences around the world; he is the author of “Regenerative Enterprise: Optimizing for Multi-Capital Abundance” and the monthly “Regeneration Newsroom”