In a highly competitive world, corporates have to stay relevant to their market. But with rigid internal structures that leave little room for creativity or risk-taking, corporates are often left behind when it comes to innovation, which, in the long term, can harm their business.

So, what can they do to innovate?

In this episode, Diana Joseph, Founder and CEO of Corporate Accelerator Forum, discusses how partnering with startups can help corporates access more creative freedom and flexibility, and how startups and corporates can work together to reach collective innovation goals.

She also touches on the dynamics of corporate-startup relationships, and how it differs from the Y Combinator Model.

Guest Details:

Name: Diana Joseph
Title: Founder & CEO
Company: Corporate Accelerator Forum
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Diana Joseph, PhD (she/her) is an entrepreneur and learning scientist with a background in urban education, corporate innovation, philanthropy and the arts. She believes that everyone needs to be more entrepreneurial – organizations, as well as people. She delivers tools, practices, stories and relationships to make entrepreneurial ecosystems thrive. She lives in Silicon Valley on Tamien Nation land.

Diana holds an undergraduate degree in Human Biology from Stanford, and a Doctorate in Learning Sciences from Northwestern.