Many technologies have emerged over the years that allowed storytelling to evolve. Now we use TV shows, podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok and other types of media to tell our stories and share our ideas.

So how do we know which medium is the best for storytelling, and how do we use this in telling our innovation stories?

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, we sit with Edward Roussel, former Chief Innovation Officer at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, as he talks about choosing the right media for your innovation stories and identifying new media frontiers.

Guest Details:

Name: Edward Roussel
Title: Former Chief Innovation Officer, Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal
Company: The Wall Street Journal
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Edward Roussel is the former Chief Innovation Officer at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal. He joined Dow Jones in June 2013 as Head of Product, overseeing the advancement of the company’s Consumer and Professional Information Business products. During this time, he led the redesign of The Wall Street Journal’s suite of digital products, including, iOS apps (Apple Watch and iPad), the Android app, newsletters, and the technology website, WSJD.

Before joining Dow Jones, Edward worked at the Telegraph Media Group in London for seven years. As Executive Editor, Digital, he headed The Telegraph’s website and digital development. He played a key role in reorganizing the newsroom to place digital journalism at its core, introducing new media such as video, e-books, and a Flipboard afternoon newspaper.

During his tenure, The Telegraph saw record-breaking digital growth and won awards for Consumer Website of the Year and Digital Publisher of the Year by the U.K. Association of Online Publishers.