Messaging can make or break a campaign. It can be the difference between your target audience paying attention, or not.

A powerful message provides clarity on how your innovation can impact business and shift the market. It successfully maps purpose to product, and instantly connects with key stakeholders. 

Whether you’re seeking to persuade a new client, secure funding, or make a sale, your message needs to engage people and inspire them into action.

As innovation storytellers, we do that by quantifying and qualifying how our audience’s lives will get fundamentally better as a result of our breakthrough idea. We wrap our message in a story that helps them see a future they couldn’t envision before us.

Most sales and marketing teams have access to great technology that allows them to monitor and track campaigns and their results. But don’t forget about the human touch. The best campaigns go viral, because they connect emotional with people and inspire them to share those feelings with others. And that’s critical when you’re selling innovation.


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