When did you last hear about news going on in your industry — and did you take note of who was telling that story, and what exactly was driving that press coverage?

When I teach my 7 Day PR Plan workshop for innovation leaders who want to cement the reputation of an innovation with press that wins them credibility, trust, and sales, I start by telling them to do one important thing first of all.

And that’s to take the time to listen.

Survey the landscape, notice who’s doing the talking — whether that’s journalists, bloggers, influencers, or pundits talking — and make a note of exactly what they’re saying.

What’s the message? Where’s the excitement? 

Or, as I like to ask, where’s the lede?

If you want to secure positive press, your job to become incredibly curious; an insatiable consumer of the press around your space.

Whether you’re a product or division manager, entrepreneur or marketing pro, the right PR coverage can take your organization, innovation, or career to the next level.

You can learn more about storytelling with a purpose, and the different strategies and approaches you can use to secure PR in my new on-demand workshop for Fempeak

This fast-paced interactive workshop will ensure you know exactly what to say, to who, and when.

Watch the workshop now.


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