Implementing any new technology or innovation will often require culture change. Steve Rubinow, the award-winning CIO, strategist, transformation expert, and professional lecturer at DePaul University, shares his experiences with helping people through the journey of change. He also shares his goal of three zeros which are zero costs, latency, and downtime.

Steve discusses how every enterprise has to be as fast and reliable as possible simultaneously. Customers demand proper functionality and security at the same time too. But if you don’t do anything about it, someone else will, and your customers will go there in a hurry. He also advises leaders to listen to the suggestions for improvement from their customers because the best answers can come from the most unlikely places.

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Name: Steve Rubinow
Title:  Award-winning CIO, strategist and transformation expert, professional lecturer
Company: DePaul University
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“Clearly one of the most innovative and transformational CIOs ever” as cited by industry peers. Steve Rubinow is an exceptional, multifaceted, global executive, strategist and technology expert who has transformed companies in a variety of industries, including the New York Stock Exchange.

Award-winning Chief Information and Technology Officer with deep experience on many boards and in university classrooms. Steve brings a multidisciplinary perspective and imagination to transforming industries from the bottom up in complex and highly competitive industries. He is a visionary leader who often breaks free of conventional thinking and encourages others to do the same to create innovative strategies.