Nancy Wang is the General Manager of Data Protection Services at AWS and the Founder and CEO of Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT). In today’s episode, Nancy shares the story behind AWIT, and how this nonprofit organization is dedicated to empowering women to attain more leadership roles in product and tech. 

We discuss the importance of mentorship and continuing education for women and underrepresented individuals to help accelerate their careers in the tech industry. 

AWIT has already put 27,000 individuals worldwide through its Coursera-based courses, which range from real-world to cloud product management.AWIT is opening up its mission and scope to serve more women and underrepresented groups to empower women at all stages of their tech careers. Nancy reveals how, by focusing not only on early career stages but also on those already in the pipeline who are just a few steps away from reaching the senior executive level or C-suite, they are making a real difference – and sparks ideas for how you can do the same. 

Guest Details:

Name: Nancy Wang
Title:  Founder and CEO of Advancing Women in Tech
Company: Advancing Women in Tech
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Nancy Wang is the General Manager for Data Protection Services at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the founder and CEO of Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to accelerating more than 16,000 women and underrepresented groups into tech leadership roles across the globe. Focusing on skills-based workshops, advocacy and mentorship, AWIT actively bridges the gaps in management roles its members face, going from mid-senior and director level roles into executive positions. 

Nancy was also featured in Entrepreneur’s Top 100 Women of Impact for her contributions to women in tech with AWIT. AWIT’s Real-World Product Management and Real-World Cloud PM Specializations have educated over 25K+ learners globally, leading to Amazon Germany and Deutsche Telekom recognizing Nancy as Digital Female Leader of the Year (2021).