In this episode of the Innovation Storytellers Show, Liam Black, Author of How To Lead With Purpose: Lessons in life and work for the gloves-off mentor, talks about the urgency and scale of the challenges facing society and business. He emphasizes the importance of genuine diversity in all its forms, particularly diversity of thought, for innovation and success. Liam challenges senior leadership to become real enablers to the generations coming behind them and to root out hypocrisy hiding away. 

Liam shares his thoughts on staying angry at injustice, working hard, and giving teams the freedom to do what they are great at. Join us for an insightful conversation on embracing an innovator’s mindset and creating real change.

Name: Liam Black
Title: Chief Encouragement Officer
Company: As We Please

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Liam Black has founded and led a dozen social purpose businesses in his career as CEO, chairman, investor and mentor. He sits on the boards of two purpose-led businesses, The Conduit and Togetherall and mentors a range of leaders, from social entrepreneurs running grassroots social enterprises to C Suite Execs in huge and complicated companies. Liam is the Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at As We Please. His latest book is How To Lead With Purpose : Lessons in life and work for the gloves-off mentor. He loves working with people who are trying to change the world and realise how bloody hard it is.