In the latest episode of the Innovation Storytellers Show, I take a deep dive into the renovation industry with Koda Wang, the co-founder of Block Renovation. Koda shares his experience as an immigrant and how his parents’ work ethic inspired him to create a platform that simplifies and enhances the renovation process for contractors and homeowners alike.

Prior to founding Block Renovation, Koda worked as the Chief Customer Officer at Rent the Runway and the Chief Operating Officer at The Huffington Post. He also shares how his time at HuffPost taught him the value of sleep as a performance enhancer rather than an obligatory cost.

Join me in conversation with Koda as we discuss the positive reinforcement loop that comes from recognizing the advantages in life compared to one’s parents and how to renovate your own conceptions of the renovation industry.

Name: Koda Wang
Title: Founder & CEO
Company: Block Renovation

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Koda Wang is co-founder of Block Renovation, the platform where contractors and homeowners manage major renovation projects. Block enables a world where renovations are simpler, faster, and higher trust for all users. Prior to Block, Koda was the Chief Customer Officer of Rent the Runway and Chief Operating Officer of HuffPost.