I love being able to showcase women in innovation who are leading the charge when it comes to creating change.

In this week’s episode of Innovation Storytellers, I interview Danielle Winandy, a serial entrepreneur at heart who has been the Head of the RISK Innovation Office at BNP Paribas since 2017.

Despite working in a traditional field, Danielle shares how important it is for her to always stay 10 steps ahead of “business as usual”—and to translate what 10 steps ahead looks like to the rest of the organization in terms of solving real problems for people from a global perspective.

As Danielle says, innovation is the study of change—which means, as practitioners, we have to be flexible, energetic, and open to evolution as individuals and organizations.

In this interview, we also talk about the importance of leading by example by prioritizing cooperation over competition. And why any effective communication requires Innovation Storytelling that leads with empathy and connects with people where they are, from the heart.

Guest Details:

Name: Danielle Winandy
Title: RISK ESG Transformation Manager
Company: BNP Paribas

Danielle Winandy is a serial entrepreneur at heart with 13 years’ experience in financial services and innovation. Since 2017, Danielle has been the Head of the RISK Innovation Office at BNP Paribas. Her current role involves creating an environment that fosters innovation by introducing intrapreneurship programs, methods, models and metrics.

Danielle is committed to issues such as women in leadership and their progress within the workplace. She also co-founded Women in Cyber Network @ BNP Paribas, a global community that aims to bring more women to technological jobs, especially Cyber Security.

Danielle holds certificates from Harvard Business School in Disruptive Strategy, Sustainable Business Strategy, a master on Design Thinking from MIT and she became a Futurist certified from Institute for the Future in 2020. She is passionate about people, Sustainability and Innovation.