In challenging times, it’s critical that we remember how innovation is always about people, first and foremost. 

That is never more true than when we’re talking about creating cultures of innovation inside of companies, where burnout can quickly snuff out the most promising of creative sparks. 

In this episode of the Innovation Storytellers podcast, innovation consultant Sonja Kresojevic shares the duty we all have as leaders to model the right behavior to those we lead in order to mitigate the rise of chronic stress at work.

That means finding ways to lead more mindfully, while creating space for others, including colleagues and loved ones—and Sonja shares a few ways we can do this.

She also talks about the importance of curiosity, and why we need to spend more time asking the right questions in order to speed up the innovation cycle. If you want to create an energized culture of innovation at your organization, you don’t want to miss this episode!

Guest Details:

Name: Sonja Kresojevic
Title: Founder
Company: Seedtime Collective

Sonja Kresojevic works as an innovation consultant, system thinker, sensemaker, speaker, facilitator, connecting people, and initiatives that inspire me. She combines 20 years of innovation strategy, digital transformation, and delivery experience with inner leadership work, having gone through deep transformative experiences and studies covering psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, poetry, and spiritual leadership.

She advises, writes, and speaks on a range of topics relating to human-centric transformation, conscious leadership, innovation, and purpose.

Her latest venture Seedtime Collective focuses on working with leaders who need support navigating uncertainty, finding their sense of purpose, and co-creating future scenarios from a place of emergence.