In this eye-opening episode of Innovation Storytellers, we host a lively discussion with Elisa Farri, VP & Co-lead of Capgemini Invent’s Management Lab. Join us as we dive into the ever-evolving world of the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), dispelling the notion that AI is set to dethrone the human touch in the realm of innovation.

From the heart of business processes and people management to the broadening scope of innovation beyond academia, Elisa explores the radical shifts in traditional management practices and models. With unique insights based on her experiences and research at Harvard Business School Europe Research Center, Elisa prompts us to think about our roles in a new light.

One of the key highlights of our conversation is the inseparable bond between sustainability and innovation. Elisa compellingly argues that these two elements are two sides of the same coin, each fueling the other towards a better future. As innovation officers, how can we incorporate sustainability by design into our organizations, both internally and externally?

Innovation doesn’t stop there. AI, too, plays a pivotal role in this narrative. Elisa outlines the potential of AI as a powerful brainstorming tool, but only when approached with the right domain expertise and strategic prompt sequences. Is the future of our organizations dependent on AI? Or is it more about the synergy between human expertise and AI capabilities? At the heart of our discussion is the urgent need for authentic leadership.

Today’s narrative, especially in Fortune 500 organizations, revolves around innovation and sustainability. However, there’s a stark gap between buzzwords and action. Can our leaders walk the talk and align their behaviors to this narrative?

This episode is a call to all leaders, innovators, and thinkers. As we step into the future, it’s time to bridge the gap and embrace the opportunities lying at the intersection of AI, sustainability, and innovation. Listen in to gain invaluable insights, hard-won lessons, and practical approaches from Elisa and her team. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty for the future of our organizations.

Name: Elisa Farri
Title: VP, Co-lead of Capgemini Invent’s Management Lab
Company: Capgemini Invent

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Elisa Farri is an author, advisor and former researcher at the Harvard Business School Europe Research Center. She nurtures relationships with management thinkers at the world’s top business schools. She is a member of the Thinkers50 Radar Class of 2023 and co-lead of Capgemini Invent’s Management Lab, a global think-tank that aims to democratize management and bridge the latest management ideas into practice.