In the world of innovation, stories often act as the bridge between an idea and its realization. And who better to delve into this fascinating dynamic than David Zaboski, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Laetro. With roots that trace back to the prestigious Art Center College of Design and then onwards to the bustling creative studios of Disney during its ‘second golden age of animation’, David’s journey is nothing short of magical. Films like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lion King owe part of their brilliance to his artistic prowess.

But David’s contribution to the world of animation wasn’t just about creating stunning visuals. He played a pivotal role in shaping the ‘principles of the animator.’ It’s the delicate art of creating and nurturing the creator within. It’s about understanding that innovation isn’t a one-off act but a constant, evolving process that demands passion and discipline.

David’s insights extend beyond the animation studio. They span the vast fields of entrepreneurial innovation. The challenge? How to turn a mere thought into something tangible, something real. This process, as David points out, is strikingly similar in both the world of art and the world of business. The secret ingredients? Love and storytelling.

The significance of storytelling in the world of business cannot be understated. More than just a medium of conveying information, stories have the power to resonate, evoke emotions, and, most importantly, inspire change. David aptly quips about the common misbelief where data often overshadows the story. To him, storytelling isn’t just math. It’s a potent chemistry. A chemistry that can evoke a range of emotions in us – from the adrenaline rush we feel during an intense movie scene to the dopamine release when we root for our favorite characters.

This chemistry of storytelling is the very essence of innovation. Because real innovation isn’t just about introducing new products or services; it’s about reshaping perceptions, altering worldviews, and guiding audiences from the known present to the promising, albeit uncertain, future. And to make this journey, one needs the compelling force of a well-told story.

In this digital age where data is often heralded as king, David Zaboski’s insights remind us of the timeless power of storytelling. The intricate dance between love, story, and art not only defines the world of animation but stands as a testament to the world of innovation.

As we step into an era where change is the only constant, let’s remember David’s words and acknowledge that while data might provide direction, the stories infused with love truly drive us forward. Because, in the end, it’s not just about turning thoughts into things; it’s about turning thoughts into things that matter.

Name: David Zaboski
Title: VCo-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Company: Laetro

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David Zaboski is a former Disney Animator and currently the Co-Founder and CCO of Laetro, a tech enabled community of elite creatives servicing enterprise clients with best-in-class creative services. David’s roles include culture and community creation, Art and Creative Direction, evangelizing, content creation, and talks on the creative process for enterprises and small businesses.