Charlie Tuxworth, Founder and Director of Celsio, joins me in exploring the fascinating world of innovation. We discuss the challenges, joys, and excitements of creating a universal standard around innovation. Is it possible? Can it be applied to everyone, both inside and outside of corporations? Tune in to learn more.

Charlie is an expert in helping companies set a clear direction for innovation and develop the capability and confidence to deliver it. He shares his journey from taking on the innovation brief in a UK financial services company in 2013 to founding Celsio and co-founding Innovate Island. 

Listen in as Charlie discusses the challenges he faced when tasked with making a company “more innovative,” revealing the power of diverse perspectives and finding better ways to solve problems. Charlie shares his captivating stories, from his experiences with international innovation consultants to the inspiration he drew from Winnie the Pooh in finding creative solutions. 

This interview will leave you pondering the importance of innovation and the potential for a universal standard that could change how we approach and think about innovation across industries.

Name: Charlie Tuxworth
Title:  Founder/Director
Company: Celsio

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Charlie Tuxworth is the Founder and Director of Celsio. Charlie helps companies to set a clear direction for innovation, and then develops their capability and confidence to deliver it.

In 2013 Charlie took on the innovation brief in a UK Financial Services plc, before breaking out to create Celsio and developing software and services that drive innovation in established businesses. He also writes international standards for innovation, and is the co-founder of Innovate Island, an all-Ireland collaborative network of innovation practitioners, students, and advocates.