Have you ever wondered how innovative peer networks can transform business outcomes? In this episode of Innovation Storytellers Show, I sit down with Roland Deiser, the Founder & Executive Chairman of the Center for the Future of Organization, to explore this fascinating topic.

Roland Deiser brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject, with his extensive background in understanding the challenges of transformational change in large organizations. As a professor, advisor, and orchestrator of executive peer networks, Roland has dedicated his career to studying the dynamics of business ecosystems and digital transformation.

During our discussion, Roland discusses the critical role of sophisticated social and political strategies in driving innovation within organizations. He highlights the importance of creating and leveraging networks both within and across industry boundaries to foster innovative conversations and processes. Roland’s insights on peer-to-peer experience sharing reveal how these networks can alleviate feelings of isolation, bring diverse perspectives, and break down cognitive and organizational boundaries.

We also delve into intriguing real-world examples, such as why Sony missed the opportunity to create the iPod despite its dominance in the music industry and how Blockbuster failed to capitalize on acquiring Netflix. These stories underscore the pitfalls of rigid business models and the necessity of adaptability and foresight.

Furthermore, Roland elaborates on the concept of ambidexterity—excelling in present performance while designing future breakthroughs. He emphasizes the impact of technological, political, and regulatory shifts as catalysts for innovative thinking, with generative AI serving as a current example.

Join us for this compelling conversation that underscores the necessity of collaboration in the innovation landscape. Discover how to build and benefit from innovative peer networks and navigate the complexities of today’s fast-paced business environment.

Name: Roland Deiser
Title: Founder & Executive Chairman
Company: Center for the Future of Organization
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Roland Deiser is passionate about understanding transformational challenges and political dynamics of large organizations and business ecosystems, and he pursues this interest by publishing, teaching, speaking, advising, orchestrating executive peer networks and producing custom think tanks. He loves to explore boundaries and play at the edge, as these are the places of discourse, innovation, and life.

After 10 years as a Senior Fellow with USC Annenberg’s Center for the Digital Future Roland founded The Center for the Future of Organization at the Drucker School of Management in 2015, where they focus on the challenges of organizing in the 21st century. The latest project explores the organizational capabilities required for business ecosystem leadership. Roland works as an adviser to Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and emerging companies, both in Europe and the United States.

Roland is also Founder and Chairman of the Executive Corporate Learning Forum (ECLF), a consortium of more than 60 multinational corporations from 14 countries who have teamed up to share practices and explore how to develop strategic and organizational capabilities in fast changing environments.