What defines a strong communications culture, and how does it enable better innovation outcomes? In this episode of Innovation Storytellers Show, I welcome Niosha Kayhani, Director of International Programs and Commercial Products at Cubic. We delve into how his role shifted from individual innovator to empowering others to create and lead within a global organization of 7,000 people.

Niosha shares insights on how Cubic built a culture that encourages collaboration across teams, relying on a network of internal “entrepreneurs in residence” who spark creativity from within. With the CEO’s unwavering support, Niosha and his team developed a structured innovation process that motivates staff through cross-functional initiatives like tiger teams which enable rapid development with a clear 12-week focus.

Tune in to learn how Cubic’s culture of storytelling and open dialogue drives change, tackles challenges, and empowers people to thrive. Whether you’re interested in hearing about the emotional journey of letting go of personal ideas or finding the right balance between passion and adaptability, this episode is packed with valuable insights.

Name: Niosha Kayhani
Title: Director of International Programs and Commercial Products
Company: Cubic
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​​Niosha Kayhani is the Director of International Programs and Commercial Products at Cubic. He is a driver of international business development and product development for commercial and dual-use applications. Niosha is a chartered engineer with a background across multiple engineering disciplines and business acumen gained from progressive leadership roles and academics, he brings a unique perspective to the table, and as a multinational that has lived and worked in various countries, he can navigate the complexities of global markets to drive successful innovation and growth.