Innovation unlocks the ability to set a vision, but bringing it to life successfully requires we use a set of foundational tools and architecture. With the surge in demand for improved end-user experiences, Chris shares his insights about why the way we approach innovation is more critical than ever.

In today’s episode of the Innovation Storytellers Podcast, I interview Chris Harris, VP of Global Field Engineering at Couchbase, about how he has been accelerating technology innovation at the database software company and establishing a more open, collaborative culture.

Together, we talk about how databases can be the building blocks that allow businesses to innovate with greater ease.

Guest Details:

Name: Chris Harris
Title: VP of Global Field Engineering
Company: Couchbase
Twitter | Linkedin

Chris Harris is Vice President, Global Field Engineering at Couchbase. With almost 20 years of technical field and professional services experience at early-stage, open-source and growth-technology companies, Chris held leadership roles at Cloudera, Hortonworks, MongoDB, and others, before joining Couchbase. Many of the world’s largest enterprises rely on Couchbase to power the core applications their businesses depend on.