This week on Innovation Storytellers, we welcome the return of Tendayi Viki, Author of Pirates In The Navy and Associate Partner at Strategyzer. We last spoke to him in episode 20 about how to be an Innovation Pirate in the Corporate Navy. Today, we learn how his path began in Zimbabwe, and how his journey took him to the UK and Stanford University, where he caught the innovation bug.

Tendayi discusses how innovation succeeds because it’s a passionate person pushing it through. But the truth is, especially in a corporate context, that innovation thrives through collaboration across functions. He also argues that anything that involves creativity or bringing something new into the world will consist of a hit-and-miss process. But that process can also be systematic. 

Tendayi believes we are surrounded by the secrets to repeatable innovation success everywhere we look. Listen to our inspiring conversation now, and don’t forget to leave a review!

Guest Details: 

Name: Tendayi Viki
Title: Associate Partner
Company: Strategyzer
Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook

Tendayi Viki is the author of Pirates In The Navy and Associate Partner at Strategyzer where he helps large companies to innovate for the future while running their core business.

Tendayi was previously the Director of Product Lifecycle at Pearson, A FTSE100 global education company. He co-designed and helped implement Pearson’s Product Lifecycle which is an innovation framework that won Best Innovation Program 2015 at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards in New York. Tendayi holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and an MBA and has written three books: Pirates In The Navy, The Corporate Startup, and The Lean Product Lifecycle. He is also a regular contributor at Forbes Magazine.