Anyone working in innovation will be working with transformative systems around data that are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. As data continues to become a huge part of all our lives, Debbie Reynolds joins me on the podcast to share some of the pitfalls she has observed in businesses and busts the myth that the more data we get, the more insights that we will derive from it, especially as it doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

We also discuss the rise of global regulations around personally identifiable information and policies around restricting who has access to data. However, on a more positive note, we talk about how to demystify data privacy to make it a business advantage. Debbie also talks about the importance of leveraging emerging technologies that empower data scientists to unlock insights that were not available until now and why we should all be thinking bigger when it comes to innovating with data.

Guest Details: 

Name: Debbie Reynolds
Title: Founder, CEO, Chief Data Privacy Officer
Company:  Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC
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Debbie Reynolds, “The Data Diva,” is a world-renowned technologist, thought-leader, and advisor working at the intersection of Data Privacy, Technology, and Law. Ms. Reynolds is an internationally published author, highly sought speaker, and top media presence about global Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Emerging Technology issues.