Recharge Health is an international medical device company in the transition from a startup to a structured scaleup. Based operationally in Chiang Mai, Thailand, they are developing into a Norwegian-led health tech company with the USA as their primary market. But I wanted to find out more about the story behind the company and their first creation called FlexBeam.

Join me in a conversation with Dr. Zulia Frost and Bjørn Ekeberg where we explore the world of recovery tech. I learn more about how the world’s first wearable and targeted red light therapy device uses NASA-developed technology to relieve pain, repair injuries, and improve recovery. We also discuss how innovation paved the way for a non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive solution with no side effects inspired by love and powered by purpose.

Guest Details: 

Name: Dr. Zulia Frost
Title: Clinical Director and Co-Founder
Company:  Recharge Health
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Zulia is a leading clinician renowned world-wide for her use and research of energy therapies such as light, neurostim, and bio-resonance. A Doctor of General Medicine and Pediatrics and a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture, she co-founded Recharge Health as the clinical director dedicating her efforts in promoting Red Light Therapy with FlexBEAM, the world’s first targeted red-light device.

Name: Bjørn Ekeberg
Title: CCO and Co-Founder
Company:  Recharge Health

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Bjørn is a former screenwriter and creator of successful drama series, including a Netflix show. He also has a PhD in Philosophy of Science and is a public debater on the topic of cosmology. He made a career turn into health tech by creating the brand for Recharge Health and successfully launched the new recovery device FlexBeam. He now leads the commercial and business strategy for the company out of Oslo, Norway.