Inventions from previous industrial revolutions transformed the world. However, Joti Balani believes that, when it comes to innovation, we’re standing on the shoulders of giants. In today’s episode, Joti explains how every innovation involves taking what the previous generations have given us and coming together to solve more problems.

Business leaders must foster innovative mindsets and curious minds if they want to achieve their goals, increase revenue, reduce costs, or improve the customer experience. And while everyone around the table needs to focus on solving the customer’s problems, it’s also important to remember that there are two sides to every story. 

Joti shares how a combination of conversational AI and fresh perspectives are beginning to transform the world again, as we prepare to enter a new industrial revolution.

Guest Details:

Name: Joti Balani
Title: Founder & Managing Director
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Joti Balani is a creative technology architect who designs and delivers complex enterprise, human, and systemic transformations with a multidimensional framework that blends AI, Data Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences. As the Founder and Managing Director of, Joti leads her team on adventures in transformative innovations at Fortune 100 enterprises, as well as democratizing AI & Data Science for small and medium-sized businesses to create emotional, economic and brand value. 

Joti is also the Technology Advisor and Sherpani at, empowering and preparing the next generation of female leaders to solve critical, global problems in business and society with creativity, empathy, and technology.