What a journey 2021 was!

In this episode of Innovation Storytellers, we highlight some of the best lessons I’ve learned about innovation and storytelling in the past year, and talk about the stories of resilience, community, and creativity that emerged during these challenging times.

We also talk about the trends we see emerging in innovation, what essential ingredients you need in order to create a true innovation culture, and how having a high tolerance for failure helps keep companies ahead of the competition.

Guest Details:

Name: Susan Lindner
Title: Founder and CEO
Company: Emerging Media
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin | Website

Susan Linder is the CEO and Founder of Emerging Media, an innovation communications consultancy dedicated to helping innovators and disruptors create stories that get them the resources, runway, and recognition they deserve.

She was previously an AIDS educator in the brothels of Thailand who helped turn former prostitutes into entrepreneurs.

She also won three Golden Bridge Awards, SmartCEO Magazine’s Brava Award for Top Women CEOs in NY, PR News’ Digital PR Awards, and American Business Awards Mentor of the Year.