Anthony Mills currently serves as Executive Director of Global Innovation Institute (GInI), CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, and adviser to numerous advisory boards. So I asked him to join me on this week’s episode of the Innovation Storytellers podcast to talk about innovation and design thinking. 

Anthony shares with me why great innovators are incredibly resourceful and use diplomacy to tell their stories in a way that gets stakeholders on board. We also discuss the importance of identifying the negative consequences your innovations could have on stakeholders and addressing those concerns from the outset.

Finally, we talk about how cognitive biases can wreak havoc with our ability to think about the future because of all the filters and biases we bring to the table. We explore why innovators must recognize them when they occur. Anthony advises how every innovator is challenged by looking through the biases to see objectively the future they can create.

Guest Details: 

Name: Anthony Mills
Title: Executive Director
Company: Global Innovation Institute
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Anthony Mills is an established and highly influential business leader skilled in conceiving and driving transformational strategies that deliver growth, leadership, and profitability. He has led multiple new business endeavors in both Fortune 100 enterprises and startups. From defining new business platforms and go-to-market strategies to designing and delivering new product categories, he has successfully launched numerous new lines of business, filling a variety of roles along the way.

What drives Anthony is having exciting new business ventures to lead – ventures that hold the promise of significant new value for both the organization and its markets. He has been officially recognized by independent sources as a global authority on strategic innovation (innovation-driven growth), as well as management, future of work, open innovation, and design thinking. He has taught, consulted, written, and lectured on these topics all over the world.

Anthony is ultimately about getting things done that matter – things that move the needle for an organization and have an outsized impact on it over the long run.