In this episode, Kay Sargent, Director of Workplace Thought Leadership at HOK discusses how work environments should evolve to become spaces that meet and invigorate our needs. The conversation takes us through Kay’s diverse career, highlighting her adaptability and curiosity, keeping her at the forefront of workplace innovation.

We also explore the concept of curiosity as a driving force in business. Kay’s perspective on this is enlightening: staying curious is essential for problem-solving and innovation within any organization. This trait, she believes, is what separates dynamic, forward-thinking leaders from those who remain stagnant.

Perhaps the most striking part of our discussion revolves around challenging the status quo. Kay, known for her candid and provocative approach, often plays the role of a ‘gadfly,” pushing organizations to think beyond traditional norms. This approach is crucial in achieving transformative growth and adapting to future possibilities.

The episode isn’t just about workspace design; it’s a narrative on how changing our environments can lead us to new heights of creativity and efficiency. Kay’s stories and insights serve as a reminder that innovation isn’t just about ideas; it’s about creating a suitable space for those ideas to flourish.

As we wrap up our conversation, we invite you, our listeners, to reflect on your own ‘aha’ moments in transforming workspaces or organizational cultures. How has the design of your work environment influenced your creativity and productivity?

Name:  Kay Sargent
Title: Director of Workplace Thought Leadership

Company: HOK

LinkedIn  | HOK

Kay Sargent, with over 38 years of experience, is a recognized expert on workplace design and strategy issues and an award-winning designer. Kay is Global Co-Director of HOK’s WorkPlace team and sits on HOK’s Board of Directors. In 2020 she was named ASID’s Designer of Distinction. In 2021 she was selected from her field of peers to provide Congressional Subject Matter Expert Testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives on “Federal Real Estate Post-COVID-19: A View from The Private Sector.” Kay also serves on the GSA Diversity taskforce and is an advisor for the HOK Diversity Advisory Council.