Today, we take a journey into the heart of African innovation. Our esteemed guest, Nkem Nweke from Microsoft, brings a fresh and insightful perspective on technological advancements in Africa.

Nkem, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is not just an innovator but a storyteller of change. His work in problem framing, design sprints, and disruptive product development reshapes how we think about technology’s role in addressing local and global challenges. He offers a deep dive into Microsoft’s innovative culture, especially Microsoft Garage’s role in encouraging creative problem-solving and prototyping.

Our conversation goes beyond the walls of Microsoft. We delve into the realities of technological development in Africa, a continent pulsating with the desire for innovation yet grappling with unique challenges like limited connectivity. Nkem poses thought-provoking questions: In a world racing towards 5G, how do we build solutions for areas still in a 2G or no G environment? How relevant is AI for those at the bottom of the pyramid?

This episode is a journey into the streets of Lagos, the heart of Africa’s biggest economy, exploring the vibrant pulse of innovation. It’s a discussion about the opportunities in the challenges, and the role of African teams in shaping global technology, particularly in developing large language models.

Join us as Nkem Nweke guides us through this fascinating innovation landscape, challenges, and opportunities. Share your thoughts and insights as we explore how technology can be more inclusive and resonate with the diverse needs of global communities.

Name:  Nkem Nweke
Title: PM of Engineering Innovation

Company: Microsoft

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Nkem Nweke is the PM of Engineering Innovation at Microsoft. He is an innovation enthusiast specializing in problem framing, design sprints, and disruptive product development. With a passion for reshaping narratives, his journey is rooted in unlocking local problems morphing into solutions that transcend borders. Based in Lagos – Nigeria, Nkem brings a unique perspective to the global innovation stage, merging creativity with strategic design thinking. Ready to challenge norms and redefine possibilities, he is on a mission to drive impactful change in the dynamic world of innovation through his work within and outside Microsoft.