Steve Waddell shares the inspirational journey that led to him developing an innovative bathroom faucet that saves water while improving functionality. It was a rollercoaster ride of tremendous highs, such as winning $50k on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome TV show, only to discover he would have to wait one year to receive his winnings.

Unperturbed, listen as Waddell shares his engaging story of how he managed to secure a credit card for $50k to develop engineered designs and the first production prototypes of his faucets, knowing he could pay it all off when the check came at the end of the year. Today, the resulting product, Nasoni’s award-winning fountain faucet, is an industry-leading bathroom faucet known for product innovation and customer satisfaction. 

Guest Details: 

Name: Steve Waddell

Title: CEO & President 

Company: Nasoni

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Steve Waddell has an innovative and entrepreneurial background with over 39 years of experience in business, engineering, leadership, and management. From building nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines with NNS to contributing heavily to the growth of Reed Integration, Inc, a small business start-up into a multi-million-dollar government consulting business.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, he is focused on building key investor relationships and disrupting a highly competitive market. Armed with a strong work ethic, results-driven nature, and unique ability to identify improvement opportunities, he has been able to transform his ideas into functional solutions.