Peter Temes, the CEO and Founder of the ILO, joins me in tackling a particularly intriguing aspect of innovation that intersects directly with communication. We’re dissecting the nuances of when innovation and communication align perfectly and when they, unfortunately, miss the mark. Our discussion revolves around the “innovation awareness gap” – a phenomenon that even the best of us can stumble upon, resulting in a disconnect between the innovation we aim to deliver and the intended audience.

Drawing on compelling research by McKinsey, we found that only 37 percent of employees are truly in tune with their company’s most crucial goals, strategies, and tactics, particularly when it comes to innovation. As Peter and I explore, this gap often originates from the top—with senior management—and extends through the substance and communication of innovation initiatives.

Peter shares his wisdom on how truly innovative companies are not just those that claim innovation as part of their brand identity but those that live and breathe it, ensuring their actions and promises align. We delve into examples of brands like Apple and Coca-Cola, which have successfully embedded innovation into their DNA, not by mere words but through consistent delivery on their promises and creating a community around their brand.

This conversation is not just about identifying where the gaps lie but also about seeking ways to bridge them, ensuring that the innovation communicated is understood, felt, and experienced by every stakeholder involved. From discussing the importance of aligning innovation with the company’s core identity to the power of purpose in driving genuine innovation, this episode is packed with insights that challenge us to rethink how we approach innovation in our respective spheres.

What are your thoughts on the innovation awareness gap? Have you encountered it in your work, and if so, how have you addressed it? Share your insights and join the dialogue below – because we can turn gaps into bridges and innovation into action together.

Guest Details:

Name: Peter Temes
Title: Founder & President
Company: ILO Institute
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Peter Temes founded the Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations in 2005, and in the years since, he has advised many Global 2000 firms, including Fidelity, Microsoft, Google, Bayer, Telekom Austria, and Black & Veatch, as well as NASA, Save the children, Kaiser Permanente and the public health system of Texas.
Peter began his career as an academic and has been a faculty member at Harvard University, a dean at Northeastern, and president of the Antioch New England Graduate School, He is the author of several books, including The Power of Purpose and The Just War.