Welcome to a thrilling special edition of the Innovation Storyteller Show. Today, we’re soaring high on excitement, feeling like we’ve found the end of the rainbow with a pot of gold, as we dive into an enriching conversation with my innovation guide and intellectual beacon, Peter Temes. 

In this episode, Peter and I journeyed through the intricacies of turning strategies from mere visions into tangible realities. We dissect the critical elements that transform a company’s strategy into a compelling narrative driven by morals and values, emphasizing the importance of collective belief and action in achieving success. Our discussion sheds light on the delicate balance between setting ambitious goals and the practical execution that brings them to life, underscoring the significance of establishing clear values and allowing the fruits of success to benefit every layer of an organization, especially its customers.

Join us as we delve into how adopting a collaborative rather than a top-down approach can lead to a more inclusive and impactful innovation strategy. We explore the challenges of instilling a culture that embraces change, drawing parallels with the complexities of updating data and computer systems within dynamic, fast-paced environments. Learn how parallel progress paths can be a strategic approach to fostering a forward-thinking and adaptable organizational culture, even in settings resistant to change.

Guest Details:

Name: Peter Temes
Title: Founder & President
Company: ILO Institute
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Peter Temes founded the Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations in 2005, and in the years since he has advised many Global 2000 firms, including Fidelity, Microsoft, Google, Bayer, Telekom Austria, and Black & Veatch, as well as NASA, Save the children, Kaiser Permanente and the public health system of Texas.

Peter began his career as an academic, and has been a faculty member at Harvard University, a dean at Northeastern, and president of the Antioch New England Graduate School, He is the author of several books, including The Power of Purpose and The Just War.