I’m thrilled that Elyette Roux, Head of Customer Experience in South Europe for Cisco Systems, could join me on the show today. I first met Elyette at Innov8tors, a fantastic conference in Paris attended by people at the cutting edge of innovation.

Elyette joins us as an intrapreneur and customer centricity expert who is driving business transformation and customer and employee engagement at Cisco. In this episode, we talk about the fact that sales is about far more than just selling your product. It’s about attaching human values to business problems. Connecting with people from an authentic place and a desire for impact. And adding value faster through digital transformation.

You’ll hear us explore the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and breaking down silos in your organization, as well as the ONE thing that is absolutely key to building business resiliency.

Guest Details:

Name: Elyette Roux
Title: Head of Customer Experience
Company: Cisco

Bio: As an intrapreneur who drives business transformations powered by digital, customer, and employee engagement, customer centricity is more than Elyette Roux’s area of expertise: it’s a constant motivation, and a source of energy to lead agile change every day.

With experience in areas including Project Management, International Sales, Key and Global Account Management, P&L Management, Strategy and Business Development to Customer Experience, Services & Support, Elyette is an expert when it comes to business and organizational strategy.

Thanks to her extensive international experience, including five years in the Nordics, she has learned that top performance comes from both providing meaning and a sense of purpose to teams and customers, as well as daily care, diversity-powered innovation, and inclusion.