Irreverent. Hysterical. Brilliant. That’s how I always introduce Greg Larkin, because it only takes about 3 minutes for someone else to realize it, too.

Greg and I get to the marrow of innovation with a bare-bones talk about what happens when executives say they want innovation, but prize quarterly profits more. How sharing hard truths – and failures – are the job of innovators and disruptors. And a golden rule of corporate innovation – it simply will not survive or thrive without the unflinching endorsement from the top.

In this episode, you’ll hear the stories from Greg’s amazing book, “This Might Get Me Fired: A Manual for Thriving in the Corporate Entrepreneurial Underground.” And will talk about the off the wall stories that Greg has heard and used to move innovation forward.

Guest Details:

Name: Greg Larkin
Title: Founder and CEO
Company: Punks and Pinstripes
Connect with Greg: Linkedin

Greg Larkin is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to do their most transformative work – everywhere they work, even when it’s very hard.

He is the author of the international best-seller This Might Get Me Fired, an international keynote speaker, and has built some of the most disruptive innovations of our time. He is the founder of Punks & Pinstripes, a global community of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and punks who support and empower each other.

In 2006 Greg was the first person to publicly predict the subprime financial crisis. That prediction propelled him and his startup Innovest to an $18 million acquisition. He subsequently served as the director of product innovation at Bloomberg.

Greg has worked with Google, PWC, Uber, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sky, and across the Fortune 500 to launch transformative products and empower entrepreneurs. Greg has lived all over the world but his home in Brooklyn, where he grew up.