We’ve been watching the rise of electric cars for nearly 30 years now, but how comfortable are you with taking an electric flight?

This is a really special episode in which aviation veteran Roei Ganzarski takes us up, up and away on battery power planes and the future of electric flying. Most importantly, storytelling at MagniX is such an important part of the culture, that they literally have it painted on the stairs leading up to their office, asking each new employee to help them write the next chapter of aviation history when they join the team.

If you thought masks and temperature taking were the future of flying, think again.

Guest Details:

Name:Roei Ganzarski
Title: CEO
Company: MagniX
Connect with Roei: Linkedin

Roei leads magniX. Prior to magniX, Roei was CEO of BoldIQ, a global provider of dynamic real-time scheduling optimization software which, under Roei’s leadership, grew from a seed software startup to a profitable multi-million dollar SaaS company. Before BoldIQ, Roei was Chief Customer Officer for Boeing’s Flight Services division where he led all worldwide customer and market-facing organizations. Other experiences prior to Boeing include private investment banking, corporate finance, advertising, and the military.