We all know storytelling is a business imperative, especially for innovators, but Carol Barash is a special breed of storyteller. Knowing that some kids don’t see their stories as special – maybe even hard or painful to share, Carol started Story2 to create a future where everyone, from every background, can tell their stories and pursue their boldest dreams.

She has been counseling students on college admissions and working in EdTech for more than 20 years. But she also innovated HOW we tell them with tech. Leveraging her deep knowledge of storytelling from teaching at Princeton, the University of Michigan and Rutgers University, she created Story2 to build an app that makes storytelling practical, repeatable and shareable, worldwide.

Her book, Write Out Loud (McGraw-Hill, 2013), is cannon for storytellers and she now shares how she’s taking the storytelling revolution, global. Get ready!

Guest Details:

Name: Carol Barash
Title: Author & CEO
Company: Story2
Linkedin: here

Bio: Award-winning education innovator and entrepreneur, Carol has spent 20+ years building solutions at the intersection of teaching, technology, and community. She started Story2 to teach people how to transform themselves and their communities through the art and science of storytelling.