Somi Arian, Founder/Managing Director at InPeak, joins me on the Innovation Storytellers podcast. Listen in as we discuss how this Web3 education platform is helping to prepare companies and individuals to participate in the ownership economy in the next generation of the internet. 

On the other side of bringing innovation and disruption into a marketplace is digital hesitation and fear from many businesses. Somi shares how an over-saturated Web2 should encourage everyone to break through traditional barriers to seize opportunities and how blockchain technology enables decentralization and provides an exciting opportunity to disrupt big tech. Join Somi and me on a journey from Web1 to Web3 and beyond.

Guest Details: 

Name: Somi Arian
Title:  Founder/Managing Director
Company:  InPeak
LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram InPeak | InPeak Twitter

Somi Arian is a Tech Philosopher, award-winning filmmaker, author, entrepreneur, and LinkedIn Top Voice. She has a background in Philosophy of Science and Technology and defines herself as a ‘Transition Architect’ as we enter an era where humans merge with technology. She is the founder and CEO of FemPeak and Smart Cookie Media. Her interest in the exponential growth of technology has led her to study, learn, trade, and invest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Her aim with the FemPeak platform is to help women raise their socioeconomic status through tools, training, mentorship, and support so they can navigate the new business landscape reach their peak potential.