Lisa Wardlaw, CXO, Former MunichRe and Farmers joins me on Innovation Storytellers to talk about all things innovation and some things you might not want to hear about the future of innovation. Lisa shares with me the importance of having a strategy to take you beyond mediocrity and basic automation. 

We discuss the current corporate obsession with incrementalism instead of going for the moonshots. Lisa passionately shares how many businesses spend so much on automation and creating widgets that they are no longer creating anything new. We discuss why innovation teams need to think bigger to achieve something monumentally different and avoid innovation saturation.

Name: Lisa Wardlaw
Title:  CXO Former Munich and Farmerstrategy Officer 

Lisa Wardlaw is a highly accomplished, multinational Fortune 100 Strategy and Innovation insurance executive with extensive finance, operational and digital experience that has transformed and differentiated businesses leading to consistent profit growth and new sources of revenue in advance of new market trends.

Lisa has distinguished herself as a strong turnaround executive (CFO, COO, CSO, and Chief Innovation Officer) with substantive strengths and accomplishments in leading process/system redesign, turnarounds, and conceptually leveraging technology tools to their fullest, undiscovered capabilities for organizational optimization for organizations such as MunichRe, Farmers, The Home Depot and PwC.